Stylish Cosy Dog Beds – About Chez Chien

Chez Chien’s stylish cosy dog beds are not just a dog bed.

They are a talking point, and are not just good to look at. With their snugly, private place for your dog, and storage, they function as more than just a place for your pooch to snooze.

I recently relocated with Jelly, my canine companion,  back to the UK from New Zealand. I’d been a prop maker for theatre and film, and an event stylist for over 20 years, and it was time for a change of scene. Now I’m based in Mid Sussex and creating these unique Dog Dens.

Made using up-cycled pieces where possible, furniture is modified to create a space for a dog bed. It is then cleaned and repaired, painted and embellished. Finally, a foam pad covered in high quality fabric is installed. They even come complete with a matching cushion.

So, how did this come about? I was fed up with Jelly’s crate (aka apartment)  taking up so much space in my house. I wanted to be able to store coats above it so decided to make a suitable cabinet. I designed it using 3D drawing software, built it, and it has been a huge success. And so the idea was born.

I also have a small business called Chic Mouldings that supplies decorative mouldings – mainly to the up-cycle world. This inspired me to start off small and revamp vintage furniture rather than build from scratch.

Upcycled pieces are suitable for smaller dogs, limited by depth of the furniture, but larger pieces will be available occasionally. See currently available pieces here.

Should you require something specific, I can make custom modifications to a piece of furniture you find yourself or already own. Just email for enquires.

Most dogs absolutely love a cosy, out-of-the-way space to call their own. Here’s proof! This is Jelly, enjoying her bed

Stylish Cosy Dog Beds