Beautiful Teal and Wood Dog Bed in Sideboard


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Beautiful Teal and Wood Dog Bed within a Sideboard

This is a stunning piece of furniture, up-cycled to incorporate a dog bed.  I believe it to be mahogany. The wood is beautiful, so I really wanted to keep as much of the wood grain as I could. I combined a beautiful teal paint with the natural wood grain to create this practical and handsome piece of furniture. It is up-cycled from a solid piece of vintage furniture. In preparation for painting, I fixed up any dents, modified the lower part to incorporate a dog bed, cleaned, sanded, painted it and finally sealed with a  top coat.

It’s curved front means that it can accommodate a slightly larger dog. Jelly, in the picture, who is very obliging, is actually a little big for this bed. The largest dog it would suit would be a small bulldog or small collie sized dog.

Amazingly, it comes with the original key, but the key only works in one of the drawers. Both cupboards can be unlocked and opened for cleaning, but should remain locked while the dog is inside. One of the drawers has compartments and is lined.

This beautiful teal and wood dog bed comes complete with a foam pad in a complimenting colour. The pad consists of an upholstery grade foam pad with a pillow top, both inside a cover. The cover is made from a high quality upholstery fabric and  can be removed for washing, and the pillow top can be washed too if needs be.

All Chez Chien dog dens come with a matching cushion. The height of the interior space does not include the pad, which is about 50mm (2 inches) thick when uncompressed.

Outer Dimensions:

Height: 850 mm (33.5 inches)

Width: 1080 mm (42.5 inches)

Depth: 550 mm (21.7 inches)

Inner Dimensions:

Height: 490 mm (19.3 inches)

Width: 990 mm (39 inches)

Depth: 520 mm (20,5 inches)  in the middle and 380 mm (15 inches) at the sides

Please see the FAQs page for delivery / pick up details and about what size is suitable for your dog. You are welcome to come to view the piece before buying and bring your dog so they can try it for size.

If you’re not sure your dog needs a den, check out this article. They are den animals and most dogs love to have a cosy place to snuggle.

Beautiful Teal and Wood Dog Bed – SKU CC-001

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 550 × 1080 × 850 mm