Questions about Dog Dens.

dog den

That’s a great question. Even if your dog is not familiar with an enclosed bed, you may find they take to it straight away. If not, don’t force it.

You want your dog to love this new cosy space that is just theirs. Here are some suggestions for moving your dog into a new bed.

1 – Take something that the dog will be familiar with the smell of – a cuddly toy or bedding from his/her old dog bed and place it in the new bed.

2 – Hide treats in the new bed for your dog to find.

3 – Feed meals in the new bed.

Click here for a video from successful trainer, Victoria Stilwell. She provides some tips on crate training, The same principle applies with a new bed.

Dogs often prefer to be near their family, but make sure that it’s not placed in the middle of a busy area or right next to noise like the TV.

If your dog is happy to snooze alone, or perhaps gets a little overwhelmed by action and noise, find a quiet sport out of the way so that they have a “safe”, quiet place to retreat to when you have guests or noisy activities happening.

Choose a spot out of full sun (for hot summer days) or draughts.

Absolutely. The pad cover can be removed and washed. I advise using an odour neutraliser if your dog peed. You can buy urine neutralisers especially for dogs which will neutralise odours that could encourage a replay later on.

Inside the cushion is a foam pad with a pillow pad on top. These are separate so that the pillow pad can be washed.

The cushion can be put into the wash as it is.

The floor of the bed is varnished so can be gently wiped with warm water with a little detergent.

Chez Chien dog beds have a back-to-base guarantee for 3 months after purchase. If your dog has caused the damage through their behaviour (eg scratching, chewing, peeing etc) this is not covered.

In addition, Chez Chien dog dens are supplied with a small pot of matching paint and varnish or wax for touch ups should any accidents occur.

Please note, for “painterly” or “blended” paint finishes, this does not apply as a series of paints and professional paint techniques will have been used to create the custom finish.

All paint is varnished inside where the dogs snuggles with low VOC varnish. They are varnished or waxed outside to protect the paint.

This is such an important question about dog dens, thanks for asking it!

I advise putting the bed in a lower traffic, quieter area, so that your dog feels that it’s is their safe, private space.

Don’t put it to far away from the family. Dogs are social creatures and are often interested in what is going on at home, so though they may seek out their separate space when they feel like a quiet nap, if they can still feel involved with their family, they can relax until they are ready to be involved again.

Don’t encourage kids (or other pets if possible) to disturb your dog when its in it’s cosy space. This should be somewhere they can go when they feel tired, need some space, or aren’t feeling 100%.

If your dog doesn’t like fireworks, for example, you may find they will retreat to their den. It’s very normal for a dog to seek out a dark, snuggly, enclosed space and your dog is a lucky dog if they have their own little space to retreat to.

  • Delivery within 10 miles of postcode RH15 0SE is free. Items must be paid for before delivery. If, on delivery, you don’t love your bed, you can cancel the order, but £30 will be retained to cover delivery and return costs. You may call to arrange a viewing before purchasing if you wish.
  • For all other areas within the UK, please contact me and I will give you th name of a courier who deals with this sort offurniture for a reasonable price. Due to the bargain prices I am selling my stock off for, I ask that custoemrs arrange delivery and packaging with the ccoureier themselves.
  • Please ensure that a strong, able person if available when I deliver to help load. Delivery does not include moving any furniture items up more than a few steps, though I will help locate the piece in your chosen position if I am able.

I’m somewhat limited by the size of furniture I can obtain to upcycle, so most of my upcycled dog dens are for dogs cocker spaniel size and smaller.

For larger dogs, i can custom build to suit, but please be aware that this will be more costly than up-cycling a vintage piece.

Each bed is unique, so the size of the interior area and the breed of dogs it could be suitable for is listed on a bed’s product page.

For open dog crates, since your dog is likely to only go in there to snooze, you can get away with slightly lower internal height that you would with a conventional dog crate with a closing door.

Breeds also vary in height and build. So, for example, a whippet may be the same weight as a smaller dog,  but are taller and longer, so will need a larger space.

Here is a rough guide:

Miniature Dogs: 11kgs and under (eg Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Jack Russel, Daschund, Shih-Tzu etc) Approximate bed interior size suitable is 450mm long x 370mm Deep x 450mm H.

Small Dogs:11kgs  – 16kgs (eg Staffordshire Terrier, Small Cocker Spaniel, Silky Terrier, Australian Terrier and Brittany Spaniel, Kings Charles Spaniel. Approximate bed interior size suitable is 800mm long x 400mm Deep x 550mm H.

Medium Size Dogs: 16kgs -22kgs (eg Small Collie, Spaniel, Whippet). Approximate bed interior size suitable is 900mm Long x 450mm D x 600H.


Yes, absolutely. Simply email me with photos of your dog and a few of the furniture at different angles, including the inside. Add the dimensions of the furniture (including the inside depth) and the height and length of your dog.

I will advise you about whether I can modify it to suit your dog. I can also revamp without modifications – not everything has to, or should,  be a dog bed!

Dogs are den animals. In the wild, this is their home. It will be a small, cosy (probably a little smelly – at least to us, to them it is comfort) place where they can feel safe.

Here is a link to a useful article about why dogs love dens so much.

It’s possible that it can. However, as with any behavioural problem, ther are possibly underlying factors involved, so always check with a vet and a behaviourist to help a dog with anxiety.

Most dogs do appreciate a private, warm, snugly place they can retreat to, though. If they are feeling anxious or a bit under the weather, or if they just need a bit of P&Q, most dogs will seek out a quiet, out of the way place.

Many dog owners who have dogs that are frightened of thunder will have noticed this. Where’s the dog? In the cupboard or under the bed!

Giving a dog a place they know is there own, and where they will be undisturbed is a wonderful gift.

Yes and no. It really depends on your dogs.

If you dogs are often found snuggled up together then yes, you can have one den for them all. Just make sure it’s big enough for all of them at once comfortably.

If you have a dog that prefers their own space, get a den with separate compartments. Or make sure that you have a wide den with enough room to allow plenty of space between the dogs.

I hope that has answered any questions about dog dens that you may have. If not, please drop me an email and I’ll do my best to help.

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